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Visual PHP Recommends
For Visual PHP™
(for work in both the developer and the administration interface), we recommend using the Mozilla Firefox web browser, on the basis of which the whole software is developed because of stability, complying with the W3C standards and protecting elements of the browser.

Visual PHP™ - Your Ideas Directly onto a Web!

The Visual PHP™ system has been awarded in the “Business Software” category
in the prestigious "IT Product of 2010" contest of the COMPUTERWORLD magazine

The Visual PHP™ is a complete visual development environment for the most frequent PHP programming language designed for developers and programmers and contains everything you need to create quickly even the most sophisticated presentations.

A sophisticated WYSIWYG XHTML editor, a number of extensible modules, components and objects you can use for your own programming are at your disposal.

You will create quickly and easily additional custom modules, templates and database tables including the automatic creation of administration for your end user without the need to program any administration interface.

The Visual PHP™ product does not belong among mere CMS systems where you only configure preset functions.

The new system of visual templates and layouts helps you to work in any page design quickly and efficiently within the record time. With Visual PHP™ you simply and quickly set without any limitations WHAT to display WHERE and HOW to display it. You can insert your own PHP, Java Script and SQL scripts in any place of a presentation. By means of the VPCL (Visual PHP™ Component Library), you can simply extend the basic database types for easier administration.

Presentations are developed and edited directly on the server by means of an Internet browser, which will allows you to make changes quickly and efficiently from anywhere in the world. Nothing like this product can be found to such extent anywhere in the world and this product is based on many years of experience and requirements for creating Internet presentations.

Visual PHP™ will make it possible for you to realize your visions without any limitation and is able to satisfy even the most demanding programmer.
Find out yourself, for example by seeing video demos or references that have been created in this environment. Inseparable part of the whole system is also active support php.

Main Advantages of Creating Internet Presentations by means of Visual PHP™

  • Presentations created up to 10 times faster
  • Visual development right in the browser
  • Numerous modules, components and objects
    with the possibility of adding additional custom ones 
  • Easy design implementation by means of templates, also with the possibility of creating additinal templates, as you may require
  • Your own programming is possible
  • Administration interface created automatically
  • Programmable events (onInsert, onEdit, onDelete, onGetValue, onGetAJAXValue, etc.)
  • Simple installation and transfer between servers
  • Login, registration and user rights limitation
  • Bulk e-mailing tools
  • Running time scripts
  • Running scripts in the background
  • Complete access statistics
  • Image editor
  • Unlimited number of styles
  • Debugging and SEO tools
  • Inserting a PHP code into any place in a presentation without limitations
  • Inserting a Java Script code into any place in a presentation without limitations 
  • Inserting an SQL code into any place in a presentation without limitations 
  • You can react promptly to your customer’s comments and changes (changes seen immediately by a customer)
  • Intuitive administration for end users (simple to operate)
  • Validation of data entered by end users
  • AJAX is supported
  • Entering an HTML code manually is possible (in case you need it)
  • Connecting to other databases and automatic work with them
  • Uploading external data from other formats
  • Import, export, bulk data conditioning
  • Unlimited number of language versions
  • Recycle bin (deleted files can be recovered even for an end user)
  • Change history maintained 
  • Command lines for quicker performance of certain actions
  • Unlimited number of access accounts with rights setting
  • Error message e-mailing
  • Core shared by more presentations, separated from presentations 
  • Web site validity on a certain domain can be set, for bad payers)
  • Automatic e-mail spam protection
  • Debugging console right in a project
  • And a lot of other advantages

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How to create your own component

Sometimes a situation arises when you need to put your own component instead of the default visual components (TEXT, TEXTAREA, COMBOBOX, CHECKBOX, HTMLAREA, LOOKUP, ...). We will show you how can it be done using component events.

Generating a XML sitemap (sitemap.xml)

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Single Developer
september 16, 2012

september 14, 2012

september 14, 2012

Latest developer guide
Developer Guide 1.0.5
july 10, 2009 9:36:42 AM

Latest user guide
Administrator Guide 1.0.24
august 27, 2010 11:58:08 AM

Latest install script
install.php 1.9.26
february 25, 2015 1:06:06 PM

Comming up in next version
fix for new FireFox 15, that started to change < to <, and also > to > in all DOM element attributes.
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problém s certifikátem 9/17/2014
Section: Přihlášení pomocí certifikátů
Nastavení první položky menu 8/8/2014
Section: Tvorba prezentací
Chyby "Strict standards" 8/8/2014
Section: Bug reporty
Něco nového? 7/21/2014
Section: Všeobecná diskuze
Bezpečnostní chyba 12/31/2013
Section: Bug reporty
Odeslání e-mailu s přílohou 10/1/2013
Section: Programování


Core update
september 20, 2012
Jádro obsahuje aktualizaci pro vkládání podmínečného zobrazení v HTMLAREA pro FF15.
FireFox 15 HOTFIX
september 16, 2012
FireFox 15 changed the interpretation of DOM attributes a converts HTML entities < to < and > to >. This causes errors in parsing HTML in HTMLAREA editor. We strictly recommend update your projects to newest core version, that fixes it or downgrade to FireFox version 14.
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